Borrego Night Sky Tours
Sights that boggle the mind are visible each night in the clear, dark skies over Southern California’s Anza-Borrego Desert—colorful stars, stellar clusters, planets, star-birthing nebulae, Earth-orbiting satellites, distant galaxies and more. Treat yourself or your family to a truly inspiring and personalized tour of the cosmos above Borrego Springs—California’s only International Dark Sky Community—with the power of a large telescope and Dennis as your celestial tour guide. Visit here for more details! This is one journey you won’t soon forget!
Don’t delay. Available spaces are limited and dates can book quickly!
"Last night was spectacular. I know that this is what you do every day but sharing not only your knowledge but your wonder in what is out there is pretty extraordinary. Thank you so much for a life-changer." ― Elizabeth K. El Segundo, CA, U.S.A
"It is always a pleasure to be guided by a person who is genuinely interested in his field and knows how to share it with an audience of different backgrounds.” ― Eeva P., Belgium
"Thanks for a fantastic experience! Vivid discussions over breakfast about all we experienced. Also, we all admire your knowledge and dedication." ― Håkan D., Stockholm, Sweden
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